A young Internet Marketer, ICT Xpert, an Undergraduate BSc. in Economics, Management and most of all Programmer, social media Enthuisiast so passionate about meeting the needs of many as little as possible.

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About DailyIslamicVibes

Welcomere where you will get to know about us and even more of what we are, what we do and why we are doing.

What we are
DailyIslamicVibes is a magazine blog, well responsive and compactible with any form of device and web browser to make an easy navigation for all our users.
DailyIslamicVibes gives updates ranging from anything you might think of making your days entertained with the vibes in Islam talking of Islamic Music, Videos, Poems, News around Islam world, Postcards, Lectures, Amazing video clips and many more.

What we do
- We give updates on the latest Islamic music you will want to download for free.

- We follow top Islamic musicians, Top Islamic scholars so as to ensure we meet your daily need in terms of Entertaining your days.

- We promote and advertise your stuff (what so ever) on related top ranking islamic website across the globe.

- We do Blogging services with perfect layout design, SEO, SERPs, and AdSense setup to anyone who might want to hire us.

- Fan pages setting up which include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and email list of  targeted audience .

Why we are doing
DailyIslamicVibes was set up three young Muslim students to give our fellow youths music related to their religion and to proclaim the message of the last Prophet SAW. Music these days had turn people round from what we are been taught in the madrasah as the result harmful musical video I count to be indirectly pornographic which might want us to  misbehave to our creator which gave birth to DailyIslamicVibes.com

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