Hasbunallah by Mesut Kurtis

Hasbunallah - Mesut Kurtis

Latest Nasheed music 2019 of Mesut Kurtis's new song "Hasbunallah", from his new album #BalaghalUla #IslamicMusic #Nasheed #MesutKurtis. Music Lyrics witten by: Ahmed Al-Yafie.

Hasbunallah lyrics praises ALLAH SWT for the love and being the most sufficiente and merciful to all mankind (Believers and non - belivers). Worthy to praise and glorify (Glorification) HIM high to the eternity.

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Hasbunallah Lyrics:
Hasbunallah - حسبنا الله
(Allah is Sufficient for us)
يا فُؤادي
(O my heart!)
(Leave everything but Allah)
دَعْ سِوى الله
فوِّضْ الأمرَ للهِ لله
قُلْ ونادِ
(Entrust everything to Allah... to Allah)
(Say, and call out: )
حسبيَ الله
(Say it, for a servant who turns to Allah is never turned away)
(“Allah is sufficient for me!”)

قُلْ فما خابَ عبدٌ دعا الله
(Allah, no god but Him)
الله ، لا إلهَ سِواهْ
الله ، جلَّ في عُلاهْ
لا تُخالِطُهُ الظُّنونُ ولا العيونُ تراهْ
(He’s above all doubts, and eyes cannot see Him)

(Allah, may He be exalted and glorified)
(Allah is Sufficient for us, and He is the best One to rely on)
هو أُنْسِي ومَلاذي أَحتَمي بِحِماهْ
(He’s my source of comfort and refuge and I seek shelter in his protection)

حَسبُنا الله ونِعمَ الوكيلْ
حَسبُنا الله ونِعمَ الوكيلْ
نِعمَ المَوْلى ونِعمَ النَّصِيرْ
(He’s the best Master and the best Ally)

حَسبُنا الله ، حَسبُنا الله
(Allah is Sufficient for us, Allah is Sufficient for us)
(My life and death lay in Your hands)
(Allah is Sufficient for us, and He is the best One to rely on)

يا إلَهي
(My Lord)
(You are my pride and honour)
أنتَ جاهي
(You are sufficient for me)

في يديْكَ مَماتي ومَحْيايْ
أنتَ حَسبي
نوُرُ قلبي
(To you I direct my prayers and raise my hands [in supplication])
(You fill my heart with light)
(Through my weakness, sorrow, and hardship)
عِند ضَعْفي وهَمِّي و بَلْوَايْ
(My Master, my purpose, and my ultimate goal)
مَوْلايْ، غايَتي و مُنايْ
(Please remove all my hardships and answer my prayers)
لكَ وجَّهتُ سُؤالي و رفَعتُ يدايْ
مَوْلايْ، أُنْسِي ورَجائي
(My Master, my source of comfort, and my only hope)
Tu es mon seul Seigneur, mon compagnon, mon espoir
فأَزِلْ عنِّي كُرُوبي واستجِبْ لدُعائي

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