Download Mp3 | Ramadan 1440 - Jae Deen x Ilyas Mao

The Ghanaian - Canadian Muslim rapper Jae Deen in conjunction with Ilyas Mao (Deen Squard) dropped a dope Islamic Music 'Ramadan 1440' dedicated to the Muslims of the world practicing عباداة ( of worship) durring the Holly month of Ramadan.

The music Ramadan 1440 by the Deen Squard lyrics written b7y: Jae Deen and Karter Zaher rejoicing the Holly month of love, sharing, forgiveness had came by and for the افطار (of breaking at sunset ⛅) vibes during the months.

The vibes is even nothing to get, but one became purified from sins and other associated bad deeds.

Download music now and enjoy, you can also stream live on our sister's blog or watch live on YouTube.

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