Video clip - 17 types of sadaqah that cost nothing

Average Muslims of the world believed money and religion goes together as most think there will never be a smooth religion with poverty.

We always believed charity deals only with money. But the Holly Prophet (SAW) has taught us about tesbih and adhzar as the best way to sadaqah for the poor or average Muslims.

HE further taught, tesbih and adhzar are not even enough for sadaqah as this clip will show different ways to sadaqah that doesn't attract even a dime and entitled to eternal rewards.


17 types of sadaqah other than financial support

1 Dua
2 Knowledge
3 Advice
4 Smile
5 Help
6 Time
7 Tarbiyya
8 Patience
9 Remind
10 Forbid evil
11 Talk softly
12 Forgive
13 Give respect
14 Rejoice with others
15 Visit the sick
16 Clear the path
17 Feed your spouse

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